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Before the age of nano technology, the optical inspection system was the dominating wafer inspection tool against the challenge of shrinking line width in IC manufacturing. However, the bottleneck of the optical tool emerged after the technology of IC manufacturing went across the 90 nanometer node. The inspection tool with core technology of the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) gradually becomes the mainstream of wafer defect inspection during IC

manufacturing process. In 1998, with a keen eye for this trend and market demand, Archie Huang, chairman of Hermes Epitek Group, gave full support to four top scientists in Silicon Valley to set up Hermes Microvision, Inc., and started to be devoted to R & D for electron beam (e-beam) wafer inspection equipment.

In 2003, the R & D team of elite from Taiwan and China successfully developed eScan®300, the first e-beam inspection (EBI) system of HMI. With unique LeapNscan inspection mode and long electron gun lifetime, eScan®systems provided advanced inspection equipment and technology for semiconductor industry and assisted customers in improving the performance of IC manufacturing. Soon, HMI became the leader of the wafer defect inspection technology as one of global high-tech equipment and solution providers.

Meanwhile, the management team, founded in the HMI headquarters in Taiwan, began to expand the company's global business and operations. Subsidiaries have since been established in Japan, South Korea, China and other areas as well.

With the creed to "solve customer's problems, become customers' partner, and build up mutual trust with customers." HMI provides solutions for its partners to complete the development and mass production of 90nm, 65nm, 40nm, 28nm and even 20nm process, and proceeds into inspection equipment for 16nm, and 10nm and beyond process. Today HMI e-beam inspection equipment, designed and manufactured completely by HMI itself, has been recognized and favored by the world's top twenty largest semiconductor and memory IC manufacturers in terms of resolution and reliability.

HMI has been fully dedicated to the R & D, manufacturing, worldwide sales and service for its own products, presenting tough strength and strong will throughout the process. With its top technical professionals in Taiwan, China and around the world, as well as its professional customer service, HMI has established its name not only for world-class cutting edge semiconductor process equipment, but also in the history of the semiconductor industry.

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